Product labelling

We take care of the approval of the labels before the verification unit. Our job is to check that the labels of the aforementioned products comply with the regulations in force, verify the necessary corrections and process their approval before the verification unit.
Products that, according to the current regulations, must have the approval of their labels:
Requires label approval

It must meet the health and marketing information requirements that the label must have on cosmetic products of any capacity pre-packed and destined for the final consumer.

Requires label approval
Medical devices

The minimum requirements that serve to communicate information to users should be established, which should contain the labeling of medical devices (medical equipment, prostheses, orthoses, functional aids, diagnostic agents, supplies for dental use, surgical materials, healing materials and hygienic products) of national or foreign origin, which are marketed or destined to users in the national territory.

Requires label approval
Plant nutrients

This Standard establishes the requirements that must be met to facilitate the work of authorities and of natural and moral persons dedicated to the process of plant nutrients.

Requires label approval
Food and non-alcoholic beverages

The purpose of the current regulation is to establish the commercial and sanitary information that the labelling of pre-packaged foods and non-alcoholic beverages of domestic or foreign manufacture must contain, as well as to determine the characteristics of this information.

Requires label approval
Medicines and herbal remedies.

It must contain health and commercial information that identifies each medicine or group of medicines of this type, as well as herbal remedies, in order to establish accurately its correct identification in the market, for its sale and supply, as well as for guide and warn the user about the adequate and safe consumption of these supplies for health.

Requires label approval
Household cleaning products.

Labelling and packaging for household cleaning products.

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