Technovigilance course


Online. The course is in spanish. You can take the course from anywhere. It is only necessary that you have an Internet connection. It is a live course, where you can take the class live and you can interact with the speaker, ask questions, participate, etc.

Who is it for?

The course is aimed at all people in charge of the development and research of a product for health, the people who are in charge of the management of the supplies for the production and regulation of medical devices, also to the people who collaborate and manage in the administration, distribution and sale of products that are commercialised with a Sanitary Registry in Mexico.


1. The guidelines that must be made to receive, analyse and monitor the safety information of a medical device that is commercialized in the national territory will be established.

2. The guidelines for the correct identification and evaluation of adverse incidents produced by medical devices in use will be established.
3. During the course, you will know the requirements for the use, handling and storage of information for medical devices that are commercialised in the national territory by the company and thus be aware that it is in accordance with Rule 240 concerning the Technovigilance and which must be complied if this type of products is commercialised.


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12 total hours.


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