Sanitary representative

We provide the sanitary representative that requires your establishment. We determine, based on current regulations, the profile of the person in charge and suggest their activities.

Establishments that require health responsible

  • Factory or laboratory of raw materials for the elaboration of medicines or products. Biological for human use.

  • Factory or laboratory of medicines or biological products for human use.

  • Factory of homoeopathic medicines.

  • Factory of herbal medicines.

  • Laboratory of chemical, biological, pharmaceutical or toxicology control, for the study, experimentation of medicines and raw materials, or auxiliary of sanitary regulation.

  • Storage and distribution of medicines or biological products for human use.

  • Storage of raw materials for the manufacture of medicines (psychotropic and narcotic) and/or biological products for human use.

  • Pharmacies or drugstores provided that they sell controlled medicines and/or biological products.

  • Mixing centres for the preparation of parenteral, nutritional and medicinal mixtures.

  • Storage room for medicines or biological products.

  • Medical devices storage

  • Storage and distribution of medicines or biological products for human use, and of herbal remedies.

  • Establishments that manufacture, formulate or package plant nutrients.

  • Plant nutrients storage.

  • Chemical products for industrial uses storage.

Main activities of the health manager

  • Review, acceptance and application of the PNO.

  • Updating of the PNO according to the legal documents.

  • Review and update the legal health documents according to the establishment and its lines of activity.

  • Periodical training and evaluation to the personnel involved.

  • Supervise that the establishment has the necessary facilities for the storage and conservation of the supplies for health.

  • Supervise the implementation of a maintenance, order and cleaning program.

  • Attending the verification visits carried out by the health authorities and authorized third parties, as well as designating and training the responsible personnel in their absence.

  • Ensure that medicines and other health supplies that require it have a current sanitary registry.

  • Approve or reject batches that do not have the specifications.

  • Notify the Secretariat of Health the removal of the product from the market.

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